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Watch Toy Story 3 for Free

Toy story is the first 3D I’ve watched – I first saw it when I was just five-ish or so. I watched the first one, the second one and then the third. I want to re-watch them though. I wonder where I can watch ToyStory for free :(

Anyways, I chose the three aliens in Toy Story from some Pizza game (I recall that’s where Andy got them) because they’re my favorite. And if you have watched their last release, Toy Story 3, these three were the mighty heroes of the day.

I love Toy Story so much. I’m sure you do too! It’s an unbeatable classic 3D movie for me <3

Toy Story 3

Rating: 10/10

Toy Story is a movie series that not only kids can relate but also adults because at some part of their life, they were “kids” who had to say goodbye to their favorite toys and games. It also teaches valuable lessons of friendship and life.


What I can say about Tangled? It’s a movie that I really got hooked into watching and that will make you fall in love!


Based on a classic Disney fairytale, Rapunzel – they came up with Tangled. I thought it was just some normal 3D movie shows like the others that could not be compared to Toy Story and Shrek. But I was surprised because compared to how I knew the story Rapunzel, the story was with a twist! I wish I could watch it at the big screen though, with Christian because that would be very very very nice.  I love Iguana the pet <3

Rating: 9/10

Instead of the usual happy ending, in this movie – everything went on from hardships to realizations in unexpected ways. The characters were also made lovable especially the iguana and the white horse (I forgot his name) that weren’t included in the original story, but they really made the whole existence of this story fun and have more laughs!