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New Photobucket!

So this is what greets me after logging into my Photobucket account.

New Photobucket!

New Photobucket!

I was a bit surprised. However I decided to opt out as some of its features weren’t very fit for me. Too bad, it seemed to be good! I also downloded the Photobucket desktop because it might come handy when uploading.

For some of you who don’t know how Photobucket works – it simply serves as your image host. It provides you with ready codes as well.

Photobucket has been around for a long time in the world wide web already. I could remember very well that my photobucket account was around year 2003-2004. They were a bunch of big animated gifs LOL. That was the time I was still learning the basic html codes such as <img src> and I was already happy making it work. It seemed that me and Photobucket has gone a long way 🙂

I’ll blog tomorrow.

That’s it. I’ll blog tomorrow. I was to back post and stuff on my blogs today but..

  • I woke up so late, 4:30ish I think. I slept all night watching Itazura na Kiss!
  • I can’t upload a single image either through here or photobucket, oGky.
  • I don’t feel like blogging, still, after weeks.
  • I miss home, being in another place is nice and all, but nothing beats home.

I guess that’s for now, I think I’d rather sleep again since I just took a bath which feels so cool that I feel so sleepy again. LOL. I hope tomorrow I’ll be able to upload stuff online properly.