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A dose of Panda

Way back June, I posted about how you should never say no to panda. Today, I will be a posting yet another panda post because I found an extremely cute picture in Facebook.




They’re too adorable! I guess that’s a reason why there are many panda lovers out there. They even joke about how pandas are not racist for being white and black.

One the panda characters everyone love is named Tare Panda and he’s really…soft somehow that makes him cute. He was created by the same creator of Rilakkuma.So what can you say about pandas?

Never say no to panda!

Boyfriend shared to me this epic youtube video. Apparently, a commercial of a dairy (cheese) product somewhere in the world and this commercial is said to have won many awards. I can tell why.

If you’ve watched the video above, you’ll understand too. I really laughed hard watching this video. I thought it was just your typical commercial but it’s not. It’s showing the reality of what commercials really want to do anyway. And now I have learned that one shall not say no to panda! You should find out too so watch it now 😉 You’re not just going to see a cute panda but learn something, haha.