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A gift idea for students who love music!

I was once a student, and not just a student – but a student who couldn’t leave home without her black rockin’ guitar. Now, I know that’s in my past but I cannot deny I miss those days. I was one rock chick. Oh I was!

It makes me think if there are any other girls like me out there, most girls prefer girly hobbies after all. And if so, I hope someone could give them a cheap student saxophone gift because that would make things even more awesome. For someone who truly love music, you’d want to learn it all the way.

I missed a lot with the guitar but maybe I might be able to catch up with this!

Music, where have you been all my life!

Just awhile ago I was thinking of creating a post titled like this, but in that post, I planned to post about how I’ve finally gotten music to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Unfortunately it’s still a plan because I still haven’t been able to get any songs on my Note 3 due to my very free schedule but maybe on this coming weekend! If someone reminds me..

Meanwhile, I’m looking at a nice esp ltd m 17 black 7 string electric guitar because my officemate told me about his friend’s new guitar. Well.