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Pony tails, essential for summer!

I recently bought tons of ponytails because I’ve been needing it more than anything. I love my long hair so I vow not to cut it…yet – even if it’s really becoming a big problem because of summer. So, quick solution? Pony tails my friends!

Pretty little pony tails from Fashion Circle

I spent a total of 300 PHP some weren’t included in the picture because I gave  them to mom. Heehee. Now, I won’t have any messy hair days and I’ll be able to move around with no hassles! I also bought some new combs, I prefer the one with metal as my hair gets really annoying at times when I comb it. Tss.

Shopping on an April Fool’s day!

Everyone’s been probably busy planning the best prank to pull on their friends! Anyway, Happy April Fool’s day!

While others are doing that April Fool day’s stuff, I’m contemplating on whether to buy something same to this cute set of outfit. I actually saw it through Viva Fashion Blog, pretty nifty blog I say!

 Audrina Patridge's Look!

Here is a list of where to find these stuff:

Asymmetric Frill Dress, Top Shop, $80

White Quilted Bag, Forever 21, $17.80
Espadrille Wedge, Victoria’s Secret, $29
Blu Bijoux Gold Bamboo Bangle, Max & Chloe, $15
Gold Hoop Earrings, Arden B., $12
Aviators, Fred Flare, $11
It’s very ideal for summer if you ask me!