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We all want to be unique :)

We all want to be unique – yet what we don’t know is that we already are. God made us in his own likeness but what we do not know is that we possess specialties we’d never known. We are all special in His eyes, why not feel the same. Special, in a way that we know we have something that others don’t and that we accept how others maybe unique in their own way as well.

A friend of mine just got his exceptional blue yeti at musicians friend and I commended how talented he is with guitars and that I hope he’ll become even better now that he’s with his unique guitar. Talents are amazing after all.

Just like that, you and me have the same ability to do something special – may it be playing the guitar, piano or simply being you 🙂

A Twist of Unfortunate Events

Today hasn’t been a good day. It’s rather that I am going through a twist of unfortunate events. But at the end of it (or near end of it) I’m glad I can still look forward to tomorrow – for I shall have enough sleep and I can rest my sprained foot.

I’m still partly unsettled though because of one of my host’s server causing a lot of downtime to me and my clients. Up to now, our sites  are down and we all need it up asap. I also hate the fact I have to manually restore WP contents and back up too. Such hassle. I really pray to God that later the sites are back up and are sane.

I’m going to start now. I planned to sleep but I thought, what’s the hurry when I can sleep all day tomorrow. I had plans for tomorrow actually but I don’t think it’ll push through with the weather being like this.

Sorry for the drama today, I hope tomorrows bright and full of happy events. Even so, thank you God 🙂