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Ebay: Online Store for the best shopping experience!

I could remember very well my first time with online shopping and it was with ebay Philippines. At the time, I bought a Hello Kitty USB and also sim cards that let you sell load.

I must say, for me eBay has been a very convenient way for buying things I like. Most of the time, I get to buy rare items through the sellers all over the world (usually, from Hongkong and China)

Best of all I also met some friends through this website, because I tend to talk first to sellers before buying – to make sure I’m making a good choice 🙂

I want this tiger plush from Toradora!

Just browsing randomly in eBay and I stumbled to this plush toy. I really want this! I decided to have it on my watch list for now though. I wish someone would buy it for me -_-

Isn’t it a cutie? And if you’re a fan of Toradora you’d really want it! I bet it’s small though. It can be bought through this eBay seller. It would really be nice to sleep next to this little cute plush 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, this character symbolizes Toradora’s Ai-saka Taiga who is pretty much the main character of the said anime.