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October steps in

Time flies. Last September 17, I started with my first job. And today starts another week, starts another month. I can’t believe it! And up to now I haven’t back posted successfully. Huhu. I want to so much, but whenever I get home it’s me being sleepy or not in the mood to write plus whenever I get home I always have to study some things or house chores.

I knew from the start that I’d be even more busy when I get a job. I can blog at the office though although I find it awkward and not cool since I’m still the newbie there after all, at some random times we are pretty much free but I prefer using those times as study times or 9gagging times. LOL.



credits to: meruslife.blogspot.com

Anyway, October stepping in means next month is November which will then be followed by December. December is my favorite month <3 I like the cold weather that you can sleep in to, no work days nor school days – just December, your family and your loved one. Isn’t it awesome that way?

August, here we go!

July is officially over. I haven’t posted much in July. But I will surely make up for August! The thing is I don’t have any ideas or whatsoever on what to post lately (having to handle tons of blogs isn’t easy)

August <3

August <3

Here’s to wishing August will be good to all of us and that it will be filled with exciting moments. Here’s to looking forward September too, the month that marks the day that December is coming. Aren’t you excited as well? As for me, I’ll be out of the country for some days. Awesome vacation is awesome! I wish it was longer though.

credits: jaellexo.com