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Late Christmas Gifts

For me, Christmas is never over and in fact – it happens everyday. The simplest thing such as being able to watch your favourite television show is already giving me that happy vibe or the Christmas feeling vibe. It’s up to you on what you feel about it.

I extended my Christmas even more after I also bought some things after getting tons of gift cards, and some freebies I got for making reviews! I love getting to try things out and letting others know how they are and if they’re worth trying. Although I don’t do it often and because I prefer making reviews of things – mostly, people I know of, or bloggers I know of make reviews of beauty products and stuff. I got to say I envy them, but a part of me stays happy knowing I have my own field and way of reviewing items.

Just recently, I also got a new speaker. It’s not a normal speaker mind you but a dancing cat speaker! It’s very cute! I need more rechargeable batteries though because along with this I got myself a glowing pillow! Haha.

My target is to be able to buy a behringer amplifier for my uncle. He’s a fan of music and a guitarist in a way. So I guess that’s pretty much for the late Christmas gifts…how about you?

Goodbye August!

Time, why you fly so fast? September is already coming. In a blink of an eye, it was over. My August wasn’t that impressive but okay.

Hello September!

Hello September!

Isn’t it exciting that it’s “ber” months now? Meaning to say, Christmas isn’t too far. In a few months it’s going to be merry Christmas! It’s going to be holidays and gifts everywhere. Then 2012 is over, I wonder if the “prediction” will still be real after that. I mean, the one about the world. It’s scary. It makes you not want the year to end but then I’m just looking forward Christmas 🙂 I’m sure everyone is!

credits: dianneshea.tumblr.com