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A Letter from BPI

Last Thursday, on my way out of the office while waiting at the elevator area the security guard handed me a letter sent by Air21. I was pretty confused what it was and even thought if was actually my ID.

Thanks too BPI!

Thanks too BPI!

But it was actually a letter from BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) saying thank you along with some recommendation of loan plans and stuff. I’m pretty impressed with BPI, they never stop making me feel that they’re the most awesome bank!

When I got my card for my salary, I was really overwhelmed because the ladies there were really friendly and they even assisted me into adding my account to my current active EOL plus also with my mobile phone connection to it. My other experience when I got myself the e-Prepaid card was also great. I guess this means to prove that BPI have some quality service like no other 🙂 Thanks too, BPI!

Awesome day is awesome!

I’ve been waiting for some amazing day that could happen and finally there was this one day different day. Awesome day is awesome! Today, I was able to en-cash my first pay from work. Heehee. I also got my order from Amazon (not both though) the phone I was going to give mom.

Long story short, after work, I thought I had to go to Julia Vargas BPI but what happened was that I couldn’t find the map I saved on my phone. So instead, I tried to run again to the BPI branch near our office. Yesterday, they weren’t accepting transactions with other branches (my check was from another branch -,-) but today I was informed they do!

After waiting and getting my money, I went to SM Mega Mall branch of Johnny Air Plus and picked up my parcel. I was so excited but I had to wait until I got home (which I couldn’t do) but I got home anyway after awhile (and out of excitement)

My only problem really now is, my SSS and other work requirements stuff. I don’t know if I could manage getting those alone. Huhu. Well, I hope so, this coming Monday maybe. I wish I still had someone with me though, after all, I’m so clumsy and I worry so much because of that 😐