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Rewarding yourself

It’s not so bad rewarding your self from time to time because it’s just a way for relieving yourself from stress- so don’t fret and feel happy with your own very way.

Just like how soccers want QuickTrophy.com for soccer trophies and just like how you aim for success you will also reap rewards. Don’t give up and you’ll get there and always try your best.

3 Reasons why we should drink milk (even when we get older)

Drinking fresh milk is said to be important with infants. Milk has many vitamins and nutrients that help them grow and be stable in health.

Milk for me <3

Milk for me <3

As we get old, we begin to neglect the need for drinking milk thinking that “we are old enough” when actually – it’s best we still keep drinking milk!

1. Milk is full of calcium – Milk is dairy and it is full of calcium that keeps our bone strong. So often, people get bone problems because they lack this essential vitamin for our body.

2. Milk helps us grow – You have the choice to stop drinking milk, it may be because of the genes I know but some can prove that indeed, milk helps us grow and better compared to those who don’t drink milk. Just don’t stay up at night!

3. Milk is for our teeth – One cannot avoid eating too many sweets, however, one can avoid getting damaged teeth from young to old age if one drinks milk wisely 🙂

See? I actually state the obvious and the common health facts about milk. I guess I just wanted to remind some people. So now, go and buy your milk!