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Pacific Rim

Last July 13, 2013 we watched Pacific Rim at SM Megamall. It was my treat! We’ve been planning to watch the movie for quite some time after seeing its trailer during Man of Steel film viewing.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

And we watched in 3D! I guess it was somehow worth it because there were many effects and the fighting scenes were pretty good. Kind of reminded me of Vandread! Oh right ,that’s very right – because Vandread works with two people aboard the Dreads in this case, called Jaeger in Pacific Rim. Upon watching this, it occurred to me Jaegers were everywhere (because of Shingeki no Kyojin)

Nevertheless, what can I say about this movie you ask?

First Impressions:

This movie really amazed me the first time I saw its trailer. And I guess, hearing “Manila” as line of the script kind of made me interested with the movie. After all, I’ve enjoyed Transformers, why not give this too a shot even if I’m not a fan of huge robots?


To tell you the truth, the story isn’t really much to me but I must say there were lots of emotions in this movie. It’s also about sacrifices and learning to control your feelings.


To me, this movie is pretty good but not your over the top level movie. Then again, they did a good job with the effects and 3D graphics were extremely improved compared to all movies of before that it almost looks realistic. Feels like watching a video game in action!

Battle Programmer

If you come to think of it, there isn’t much anime that focuses on a programmer‘s life. Well, some how there are bits of them in some anime but not as much as others – there are cooking animes, tennis, basketball so we wondered how an anime about a programmer would be like. Hence, we watched Battle Programmer c/o my best friend and her boyfriend who are also programmers (we are in the same field – Computer)

Battle Programmer Shirase

Battle Programmer Shirase

This anime isn’t really new but rather pretty old and you can tell because the gadgets used weren’t your high-end iPhone and Android phones.

But I can say it’s somehow amazing. Although I think it’s pretty awkward to make the lead character’s love interests little girls.  Episode 5 would probably the best part because they finally paired him up (I think) with a girl his age (sorry for being such a spoiler!).

There’s also too much opening and ending song compared to the actual anime – they could have made that shorter honestly. And it seems that the story is too good to be true. Maybe somewhere out there though a real-life Shirase – he’s probably living some life!

Battle Programmer Shirase is the whole name of the anime, I think. I’m not sure if our copy of the anime is incomplete but we were able to watch 5 episodes (from beggining)

credits: hinata.xpg.com.br

It would be interesting if this kind of man exist, I mean, his programming skills would be too awesome to handle. I want to be like him though, easy life, just chilling and programming without headache – wouldn’t you want to be that?