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The Amazing Spider Man

So, here’s the remake of Spiderman that everyone’s been talking about! I’ve finally decided to watch, despite the fact I seem to be too late.

The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman

Unlike what most were saying, I think the story of this new Spiderman is okay. Many were saying that the old Spiderman story was way better. This has some different twists and the childhood girlfriend isn’t around.

The ending story is kind of sad though, like most superheroes – Spiderman sacrificed his love for a girl just to protect him. The new actor, Andrew Garfield did a pretty good job and as usual Spiderman is very comic!

I guess people didn’t like the part that his web wasn’t natural but rather created with a gadget, but isn’t it admirable that the dude is really intelligent other than being a photographer?

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

I was never a fan of the Batman Movie but I admired Batman as a character in the Justice League cartoons. I’ve always known Batman as the smartest even if he was only human among his friends with amazing superpowers.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

After many dormant years, Batman is back! With a new actor and a new catwoman as well. He comes back despite his mishaps from before – and to prove the world that he’s no criminal.

A new set of villains are up to something and are threatening Gotham so Batman gears up to save everyone. Will he be able to do it? Or will he be still that guy in his basement?

I was planning to watch this with boyfriend but my hype grandpa invited us to a movie night (when I say movie night, I mean, NIGHT – it was like 11pm something!)

I never really got track of this movie but I was really amazed, plus Anne Hatheway being the new Catwoman really acted so well that she doesn’t seem like that old Princess diaries girl I used to know!

It’s indeed a must watch for Justice League fans and for those who want to critic the movie over the pack of Avengers and Spiderman.