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Time to shop for Christmas Trees!

Ah, it’s finally August! In a blink of an eye, months just passed by. That rhymes!

Then again, it’s the perfect time to shop for some items we may get for more affordable prices while we can – such as Christmas decorations!


In particular, you might want to check this lemax. It’s ideal to buy Christmas decorations earlier than the actual Christmas season because it saves us a lot. In fact, some of the Christmas trees may even be more costly now compared to the earlier months. So, what are you waiting for – Christmas?

My Decorated Nail Set from KKCenterHK

Yay! After a month I finally got my 12 Pieces Heart And 3D Flower False Nails Tips from KKCenterHK. I couldn’t get it from the post office last Monday because I get home from the office on their closing time.

Take note that this isn’t my review yet but I thought of posting about them because they’re just so lovely! Thank you for KKCenterHK for letting me have this opportunity to have these pretty set of fake nails.

12 Pieces Heart And 3D Flower False Nails Tips

12 Pieces Heart And 3D Flower False Nails Tips

It’s really something for me because I have short and small nails! LOL. I can’t stand having them long because they get dirty. But with these, my nails will become graceful and beautiful 🙂 I might use them by tomorrow since we’re going out!

And before anything, grab yours as well! I’ve got here a coupon code for KKCenterHK goodies I’ve been wanting to post about (but posted on my other blog instead)

KKCenterHK Coupon Code: skittleskies

See for yourself the amazing beauty thingy-majies they have!