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Last update!

Just upgraded WordPress and everything (posts).

This might be the last as well because I’m letting go of this domain. I don’t know, for some reason I just thought that maybe it is time to let go of it since I don’t really blog that much anymore here (having to many domains/blogs isn’t really helping lol)

That said, I remember buying this as well out of the blue. To be honest, I don’t really feel like being in the internet world that much especially since my 11-year-old twitter account was suspended, that and then the latest is after Photobucket decided they no longer want to host your images for free especially if you’re putting them up in third-party websites (outside for their website)

Along with that, I’ve been thinking of starting fresh if ever, with blogging on a new domain (again! LOL) but it’s all about maybe’s except that yes, on August 5, 2017 I will no longer be renewing this. No hard feelings, just trying to grow up a little 😛

Let it roll

Finally, 2016 is here! It’s a good movie year I heard as many great movies are to be released in the coming months! Drum roll guys! Woohoo, we made it past 2015. I thought I wouldn’t, I hope I’m still in one piece after 2016. Drum roll guys? What you probably need is to understand the proper drum symbols though to do that I guess.

With that said, just let it roll and here’s to hoping I can do movie reviews on time lol.