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I meant to say that yours truly need some help for being unfashionable but while looking for a picture for this post I stumbled to this post that there’s actually a book titled Unfashionable.

I want to read it! It sounds pretty interesting, don’t you think – especially for me. LOL. I wonder if it’s actually about being fashionable. It makes sense that those unfashionable just really want to make a difference as well. Where to get a copy of the book? Don’t really know but I’m hoping I can get it in ePub format at least! Are you unfashionable too?

credits: crosswalk.com

Red on White Shamballa Bracelet from Cutey!

Last time, I blogged about Gold on White Shamballa from Cutey today, I will blog about their other shamballa bracelet! Yay Cutey I say!

Red on White Shamballa

Red on White Shamballa

Quick Overview
Our carnival bracelet, for those who love a bit of merrymaking. Big tops and beach huts, carousels and festivals, this unisex red on white bracelet will awaken your sense of fun. Nine jester’s beads, each with 84 crystals. Just don’t let your boss see it.

I wore this red and white shamballa from Cutey today when I went with mom at her office for my check-up. I paired so good with my red jacket from my aunt.

Red on White Shamballa

Red on White Shamballa

I was wearing my favorite bear tshirt, red jacket and a flowery skirt. Not really my usual style since I go for shorts rather than skirts but I thought it would be nice.

Wearing the charm made me more vibrant and feel colorful. As it matches my outfit’s color, it also stands out. Even mom’s office mate noticed my cute charm bracelet!

When wearing red on white shamballa I made sure it was sort of lose because I noticed when it wore it tightly it caused me skin irritation but that’s just me! Really! I really love how they mixed “white” with red on this shamballa.

Now, do not assume it can only be worn with red outfits, it just best matches it. In fact, you can wear it with any other vibrant color such as orange and anything. After all, Cutey’s charms are designed to match almost anything!

Overall, I really must say that their charms are awesome – considering the price, it’s actually more affordable if you’re familiar with Pandora charms which the office mate of mom mentioned (because I wore the charm that apparently looks like its from Pandora!) Isn’t a great deal to have one which is as good and yet not so expensive!

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