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Thrift Stores for Kawaii Goodies in Philippines

While they say most unique and cute things are found online, there was a point in my life that I started to get agitated by the prices of stuff I bought from online stores. For the reason that we, customers assume the items are “cute” and “unique”, also hard to find they take advantage of it and overprice. I still buy online things but always make sure to check other stores, even physical stores because you’ll never really know once you look for better stores that aren’t online! Anyway, here’s me sharing my top thrift stores for buying kawaii goodies!

Some of Kawaii Goodies I've collected <3

Fashion Circle

I’m not really aware of the branches. But there’s this one in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It’s near the Pasig City Church. It’s open up to 8 pm only I belieave. But in here, I bought lots of cute stationery and also notebooks. There are also cute pens. The only sad part is right now, it’s gone Angry Birds everything! LOL. There are still good finds though such as piggy banks and the likes. This is where I also found a bunny casing for my Blackberry 9790 – I couldn’t find ANY casing for it at ebay and if there were it costs almost $25! I just bought the casing for 70 PHP!

Lianas Supermarket

As usual, the store is located in Pasig. This one is near the Public Supermarket but it’s a bit safer to buy here. In their higher floors you’ll find their mobile center were cases are everywhere and mobile phones are sold. Anyway this is were we usually buy our mobile phone screen protectors and such. But they also have a department store! It’s like a mini mall actually. Now, at the department store in school section is where I found cute stickers.

The Landmark

Let’s walk away from my home town! Sorry if it’s more on Pasig locations. Anyway, Landmark on the other hand is somewhere near Greenbelt in Makati. Thank goodness I do not know yet how to go there because if I did, I’d go everyday! Usually it’s mom who takes me here for a little cute thingy majies shopping. Last time was before my graduation, I did a shopping spree! Anyway, most of their stuffs are really affordable because between 30 PHP – 100 PHP you can already buy cute heavenly stuffs *w*


Zulit store is everywhere but I am only familiar with the one on the way to SM Megamall, Ortigas. They also sell cute toys for children that are automated! I mostly love the cute notebooks. Heehee.


I also buy things from Clippers and National Bookstore from time to time but what’s sold there is more expensive than the four I stated above. Well, happy shopping for cute goodies friends!