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For your music needs

Music never gets old. It’s the best partner when you’re lonely, happy…or just, having enormous feelings – even when not. That’s why, what could be better than being able to make your own music?

All you need is your guitar, a melody and your voice. You might not be able to sing good but who knows? Maybe you can play good with the guitar. Guitar Center has, acoustic guitars at a great price! So you can start with that if you’re clueless where to go for your music needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there and work on your music ideas!

Let me sing to you a song!

Lazy weekend again for me. I ended up waking up very late since I wasn’t able to sleep on time, and I’ve got only 6 hours of sleep. However, I feel energized! Guess due to having too much soft drinks (>w<)

That said it has make me enthusiastic and feeling giddy while listening to some good music while working! Reminds me of musiciansfriend.com snowball mic. Ahh, yes, I wish we had something we can go on karaoke with at home!

Maybe will be able to get one this Christmas day!