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Marry your Daughter

I always hear this song on my way home. It’s a really wonderful, lovely song especially if a guy sang it for you. This song was sung by Brian Jr, Niko McKnight.

So, the video above is by someone from Youtube (not me) who made a video lyrics. It’s a song that can really make a girl fall in love more with a guy she likes. I always imagine myself in place of the girl that this song is being sang for, I know it’s so mushy but well – all of us dream of having the sweetest wedding anyway right? 🙂

Definitely, Maybe

I remember watching this some days/weeks ago. It was recommended by an online friend of mine. Definitely, Maybe is a chick-flick starring The Shopaholic’s Isla Fisher and Just Friends’ Ryan Reynolds.

Definitely, maybe.

Definitely, maybe.

Maya, Will Hayes’ 10 year old daughter (Ryan Reynold) suddenly asks her dad how his life was before he married. With this, Will tells his life and how he met her mother and also some other love stories of his life.

It will make you curious who actually Maya’s mother is but the end of story is really unexpected. This movie is really love-catchy in a way that you’ll feel bad for characters that never came to be Will’s happy ending and you’ll be moved to tears. Overall I can give it a 7/10 🙂

Fact: This movie was released on a Valentines Day <3

credits: iamtheoctopus.wordpress.com