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I can’t wait for summer to end

Like, really. I guess I’m not really a fan of summer you know? Summer has always been a headache for me because I can’t stand the heat.

I miss winter/cold season for a lot of reasons too. One, because I won’t be able to wear my favorite sweater during summer or else I’ll melt. Another is that I can’t buy more of those, and I want to especially since reading these Cozy Winters Reviews.

It’s been raining a lot lately though so maybe, summer is almost over?

In love with music

It’s Valentine’s season! It’s that time of the year to give more love than usual – but not too much, okay?

For some they are in love with their profession though, such as musicians who are in love with their hobby and their classic king trombones at guitar center.

Others are in love with the things they do, but of course there will be those who are in love with their significant others. Whatever you love, I wish you all well and that you’re doing great with your passion!