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Yating Trendsetter Nails

Using Yating Trendsetter

Using Yating Trendsetter

While shopping at Thailand’s Zeer, I decided to try this Yating Trendsetter Nails. It’s every girls’ dream to own fabulous painted nails and fancy ones after all (specially to me because I have mini finger nails hoho!)



Packaging: 4/5

Packaging is nice and fancy, however a picture showing it being used on actual would be better especially for newbies like me. If it weren’t for my boyfriend, I wouldn’t have found out I was putting it on wrong lol!

Usage: 5/5

It’s very easy to use, at the back of its box, there are instructions you can easily follow.

Cost: 5/5

I don’t remember the price anymore since it was last Aug 03, 2012! Haha. But I remember it was something near 60ish in pesos. It costs pretty much the same here in the Philippines although I like its quality better than the one I tried before from Fashion Circle.

Overall: 4/5

It’s very easy to use, like what I said above my only protest is a visual image of it being used! Then again, now I know how to actually use them. I posted this on Facebook and none of them new they were fake nails. Unless you know me personally because I was born with very mini nails. Haha! I was only having a hard time though since it feels…weird for the nails. It’s somewhat heavy. I was expecting they were lighter. I did like the fact it was easy to remove when you want to XD and that you can re-use it anytime 🙂

Using Yating Trendsetter

Using Yating Trendsetter

Me: Who actually has such long nails?

Boyfriend: Idk, Lady Gaga?

Me: Good point XD


Reward yourself on Labor Day!

May 1 is coming, if last month’s first day was dedicated for pranks – this coming month’s first day is dedicated to all those who are working hard. Here’s to you!

But what could be better than rewarding yourself with a shopping spree? It would be nice to get some things you might need for work as well.

1. Fuchsia Pink Velvet Platform pump from Sergio Rossi collection

Pink Suede Tortuosa

Pink Suede Tortuosa

Since 2011, Sergio Rossi collection has been known for its vibrant and colorful designs.  platform pumps have become a rage last year and probably having them this year as well will be a must!

2. Two-pocket butterfly shoulder bag

2 Pocket Butterfuly Bag

2 Pocket Butterfly Bag

Need I say more? This bag is so cute! Part of the trending korean fashion, here is a two-pocket butterfly bag. Sweet, elegant and pink. And its candy color is the best!

3. Pink Simple Dress

Pink Dress

Pink Dress

And finally, get a dress that matches them. Just a simple one would do such as this one above that is said to be based on how korean girls dress up. Usually, they use the “feminine” touches more than the aggressive ones by using pastel colors.

4. Accessories

Cute Accessories

Cute Accessories

You might want to add-up cute accessories too that match your outfit!

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