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Storage Please

One of my greatest wish is to have a home where I don’t have to think about storage problems. Of course, at this time in my life that’s very impossible. Then again, a girl can dream, can she?

These 4 foot drawer slides are ideal materials at most. I don’t know much about building houses,cabinets or whatnot but it looks very suitable for what I will need someday.

Well, for now, I got to stick with what I have. Just cheer up and hope for the best! I’m pretty sure God’s writing an awesome story.

Keeping your closet organized?

As a shopaholic of clothes and shoes, how do you organize your stuff? Do you just throw it everywhere once you bought it or keep them in a rack?

Closet Candy

I saw this from agracefulhome.blogspot.com. Actually it’s probably every girl’s dream to have a closet as pretty as the clothes she buys.  But not all are lucky to have both. While you’re investing on good clothes though, why not take a moment and invest on your closet where all your shopping goodies will be kept?