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A gift idea for students who love music!

I was once a student, and not just a student – but a student who couldn’t leave home without her black rockin’ guitar. Now, I know that’s in my past but I cannot deny I miss those days. I was one rock chick. Oh I was!

It makes me think if there are any other girls like me out there, most girls prefer girly hobbies after all. And if so, I hope someone could give them a cheap student saxophone gift because that would make things even more awesome. For someone who truly love music, you’d want to learn it all the way.

I missed a lot with the guitar but maybe I might be able to catch up with this!

Color your life!

I received this sweet gift last week from one of my best friends of a long time, Gracey! It was because we had an exchange gift for Valentine’s Day. We had a set of wish lists and I was so happy to get this one, really, dream come true – thank you bez!

Faber Castell Color Pencil, 36!

Faber Castell Color Pencil, 36!

While others are craving for palettes of make-up or whatever you call them, I’ve always liked coloring tools! Ever since I was a kid I would buy tons of crayons, colored gel pens and the likes. This is one of my personal loved collection and items and this one, I’ve been wanting to have but it wouldn’t fit my budget so. But I’m a happy girl now!