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I want to play!

Arua Rose Online

Arua Rose Online

Last night, instead of having a good night sleep I dedicated my time in trying to patch my favorite online game, Arua Rose. However, I still failed – to think 3 net books were already in front of me last night. I even tried to install Windows on my Mac! Grr..

I always get stuck at some point of the patch that makes me want to pull my hair with a toggle clamp already! Then my copy of their newest launcher doesn’t seem to work when I try to execute it. So, I decided to download a new copy on boyfriend’s net book overnight. It was almost done last night so I assumed when I woke up it would already be done but boom – when I woke up, it says “Download is taking time to download so networked stopped” I was like, WTF?!

I also left the other patching on my Mac Book but still it was at this 1 of 53 patch and stuck. I decided to re-download again the new launcher again and again. I hope within the day I will be able to play 🙁

I woke up late again since I slept 4 am, making my day unproductive as usual. But, oh well.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

I miss playing games on my PsP (Portable Playstation). I stopped playing after some time again now, since I got really bored that it has no new game that is something of my liking. I would never forget the first game I finished with my PsP though – and that is Crisis Core:Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: FFVII

Crisis Core: FFVII

I wonder if they made a remake of Final Fantasy VII. If you played Crisis Core, you’ll understand the twist of events even deeper in Final Fantasy VII. I even re-played FFVII after playing it despite the fact that it has a massive difference when it comes to graphics and gameplay. This is probably one of the best PsP games ever and I wish they would release one like it again that’s somehow related to FF story timelines. That would be awesome!

credits: gamespot.com