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Perks of a Wallflower

Last June, I finally decided to read this book so called Perks of a Wallflower as I was really getting curious. It’s been since last year that I’ve been reading about it.

It was an okay book that I can somehow relate to 13 Reasons Why although that movies about suicide (but then again, suicide is part of the story Perks of a Wallflower)

And after watching Hotel Transylvania I remembered it was showing! I can’t believe it slipped off my mind. I’m not crossing my fingers on watching it though, or so, maybe if I get to make Christian want to.

Perks of a Wallflower Movie

Perks of a Wallflower Movie

What makes Perks of a Wallflower movie more grand is that famous Hermoine Granger actress Emma Watson plays as one of the main characters – Sam. And really it has a story worth knowing, I just hope it’s as good as the book 🙂

credits: http://teaser-trailer.com