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I can’t wait for summer to end

Like, really. I guess I’m not really a fan of summer you know? Summer has always been a headache for me because I can’t stand the heat.

I miss winter/cold season for a lot of reasons too. One, because I won’t be able to wear my favorite sweater during summer or else I’ll melt. Another is that I can’t buy more of those, and I want to especially since reading these Cozy Winters Reviews.

It’s been raining a lot lately though so maybe, summer is almost over?

Gifts girls will never say no to

They say jewelries are girl’s best friends, and when they say so – it is definitely right. Even as someone who is not the girly type, I’d love to have jewelries any time of the day *cough cough cough* except maybe I’d appreciate it more if it were customised or extra special.

Elegant Rings

Elegant Rings

Regardless, girls who like jewelries that are elegant are in numbers. Fortunately for you, if you are on a hunt for great gifts for girls – you’ve got Joy Jewelers sterling silver engravable charms on your back!

The more unique, the more special! Better if you ask her personally what she likes, that way she’ll truly feel amazing once she gets it.

If you love your girl, give her the best and give her the perfect jewelry for her to wear – showing her love for you as well, everyday.