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Review: Firmoo RX Eyeglasses

Today, instead of getting some sleep in the afternoons like I usually do – I decided to blog. Upon blog-hopping a bit I was reminded of my overdue Firmoo RX Eyeglasses reviews! My, it’s been about 2 months that I should have done this.

Hehe. Thing is, I got my eyeglasses pretty late as they got into the hands of Pasay EMS Customs. It wasn’t a pretty experience but I’m glad I have my Firmoo Eyeglasses now as I really needed it for my eyes. Thanks to Firmoo again for them!

Firmoo Eyeglasses, black

Firmoo Eyeglasses, black

Prior to my Firmoo glasses, my mom and dad bought me one during our stay in Thailand. However, that one wasn’t suited much for my current eyesight.

With my Firmoo Eyeglasses it’s very perfect for me. I just gave my opthalmotogist’s prescription as we all know that Firmoo provides RX eyeglasses – and here it is, with it I can see the world in a much clearer view.

I really need this right now because I’m in front of the computer and with the one assigned to me, I can’t view it properly as it’s a bit distant (FYI, I’m a near-sighted person)

The one above is the one I like the most out of all the 4 that I have from them. It’s simple and it has designs that’s for an IT Girl because it’s black and it has an abstract design – plain but expressive like they say. Even my boyfriend is envious of it. I also like that it’s not heavy to bring around.

Me in my green Firmoo eyeglasses!

Me in my green Firmoo eyeglasses!

For the second one, I like it simply because it’s green which is my favorite color. The design is unique too, compared to the first one which is pretty simple it’s somehow outstanding. The brown edges of these eyeglasses make it look like eyebrows! I also brought this to the office about 2 times already.

Overall, Firmoo is really great to buy your eyeglasses at. First, because they are friendly – and they’re even active in Facebook. You can see their Facebook page being updated at most times. They throw some giveaways at random times as well.

When it comes to quality and price – they aren’t bad at all. In fact, if you’d compare it to the local ones here – you could save with their eyeglasses. You just need your prescriptions and you’re ready to go. Just make sure you let them know about EMS and its troubles over here in our country (like, in my case)

Their packaging varies, in other bloggers’ I noticed it had a more beautiful casing (leather like) while mine was plastic (kind of disappointing) bu then it’s sturdy enough to protect your eyeglasses. All come with a free soft cloth as well, as usual of eyeglasses.

Other than RX eyeglasses, they also offer unique shades. I have one to review with my other blog 🙂

So, need I say more? Firmoo really did impress me! Despite my hardships with the customs, it’s worth giving a try 🙂

Visit their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FirmooGlasses

Visit their website: http://www.firmoo.com

Shades of summer 2012 is Retro

The ’50s cat eye and ’70s round frame remain two of eyewear’s most stylish shapes. What could be more perfect than having one for your summer outfit? Aside from that though there are other more types of shades to color up your summer, back from ages ago.

Shades of Summer from Centuries ago!

Saw this from weheartvintage.co and I must agree they are fab! Not really a fan of shades but I have one in pink that I wear from time to time. Fashion wouldn’t be complete without shades after all, and so will summer.

Kirsten Stewart commonly known as Twilight Saga's Bella Swan

To prove that Fashion never gets old, here’s Kirsten wearing her Retro shades.

sources of information & images: robstenworldonline.blogspot.com, weheartvintage.co