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Gold on White Shamballa from Cutey

Yesterday, boyfriend accompanied me to get my packages at the post office since we were out this day to do pick our our graduation pictures. I wasn’t really that excited about the pictures but rather excited for my packages (I know, it must be silly!) Anyway, I am even more ecstatic because instead of one package, I will be receiving two! I was assuming the other was from awesome Cutey – and I was right!

A little about them:

Cutey was founded on year 2011. They’re dedicated in creating accessories and charms that you can pair up with any outfit at any day, any time! And I say that’s true because their bracelets are really elegant and awesome. You got to see for yourself by visiting their website – Cutey’s Website

So, what I’ll be showing to you here is one of their Shamballa charms. Already, I am mind blown by their charm bracelets’ names (Ero, Shamballa, Momus, Pontus)

Moving on, this that I’ll show to you is the Gold on White Shamballa bracelet from Cutey. It costs $29.38 but really, it is totally worth the buy especially because of their Free UK Delivery Worldwide Dispatch. I got mine in a matter of few days. It’s quality is superb too.

Gold on White Shamballa from Cutey

Gold on White Shamballa from Cutey

Quick Overview of the item (from Cutey.co.uk)

These baubles offer you milk and honey, a bountiful harvest on your wrist, teeming with positivity and a celebration of what might be. Treat yourself – good times are just around the corner. Nine beads to believe in, each with 84 crystals.

What I like about this is how easy you can wear it. Plus that you can wear this gold and white color to any other outfit. Simple, but it looks elegant. It has this effect that will capture anyone’s attention but doesn’t put “too much”.

Cutey’s charms are really of high quality. You can tell the difference once you wear it because it feels so original in a way, it feels like royalty in fact!

When I was a little girl I was a big fan of charms and then it stopped for some time, but after getting this beautiful charms from them – it makes me want accessories more than ever. I’m sure you will too! So drop by their site now for you to see for yourself what Cutey has in store for you 😉

I will be posting about their other shamballa by tomorrow, and hopefully, post a picture with me in it. I’m a bit sick with colds and cough at the moment so I couldn’t really do that ;S But I’ll be going out tomorrow for a check-up so..


Stay chick and trendy on a rainy day.

Rainy days are the most hassle ones! Mud here and there, plus you have to be prepared with an umbrella all the time. It’s very troubling if you want to stay in fashion, isn’t it?

Worry not though, here is a set provided by fashionmate.in that might be perfect for you during these rainy days of June and July.

Perfect for the Rainy Days

Perfect for the Rainy Days

On these kind of days, it is usually best to wear slippers or maybe have them around. A comfortable short or skirt is also better rather than the long ones since it’s easier to move around just in case it suddenly rains – because you never know and often, weather predictions aren’t correct.