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Back to Diaryland, yes?

I’m thinking of reviving my old diaryland blog for a private-personal blog. Heehee. It’s also easy making layouts or templates there compared to WordPress. Of course WordPress is still better because of the plugins, but the simplicity goes to Diaryland.

What I don’t like however is that their hosting there is expensive. While I can host a WordPress site for $1.00, they make you pay $20 for the whole year. I think that even excludes the domain. What about when you own one already? :/

If they made things easier, maybe they’d earn more in my opinion. But I think their sign up and stuff is closed now, their interface isn’t as fancy as WordPress as well. But let’s see 🙂

Hello again.

Hello again? Yes? Heehe. Imma import my old posts from other blogs of mine that died (huhuhu) But anyway, it’s good to see this blog giving me surprises. Actually more like, the domain. I hope I won’t lose that magical touch once I give effort on your contents. Okay?

Anyway, as usual this will be another of those random blogs slash personal blog heehee. I really don’t have anything to blog right now except that…I will blog later on? Haha!