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Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

SAO (Sword Art Online) is at it again with another movie. It will be available tomorrow at SM Megamall (however I believe you need to get a ticket earlier!)

Sword Art Online : Ordinal Scale

Sword Art Online : Ordinal Scale

Honestly, I’m not that excited because I haven’t watched the whole season that came after Sinon’s Arc. I lost interest after getting the harem feelings with the last episodes I’ve watched.

But anyway, it’s also probably good but to me nothing beats the first season. I’ll give it a try after some time, since I don’t really want to watch at the cinema for now.

Kimi no Nawa? (Your Name?)

I know I have an anime blog to post my random anime ramblings but this is a movie anyway so – guys, have you seen this movie?

Kimi no Nawa is another master piece from the same company that gave us 5 Centimeters Per SecondCoMix Wave Films.

Kimi No Nawa

Kimi No Nawa

For this anime movies, I recommend to watch it with someone dear. It’s very heart breaking and heart stopping. It defies nature, it defies time, it’s full of feels guys. So better prepare some buckets!

Unlike 5 Centimeters Per Second though, this has more ‘science’ in it and a bit of ‘magic’. Like how they say it, ‘just believe’ – even if it’s a dream.