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Monthly Archives: Feb 2017

Love music, love life.

When I learned how to play the guitar, I was overjoyed because it seemed like magic. Melodic sound can be heard and I can even write my songs as I please.

However, I also knew I had to learn other musical instruments. I forgot how to use the flute, and still want to learn the piano but I also want to know more about bodhran drum at wwbw.com. It seems to be cool and something worth trying. I say I try it one of these days when I get free time 🙂

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

SAO (Sword Art Online) is at it again with another movie. It will be available tomorrow at SM Megamall (however I believe you need to get a ticket earlier!)

Sword Art Online : Ordinal Scale

Sword Art Online : Ordinal Scale

Honestly, I’m not that excited because I haven’t watched the whole season that came after Sinon’s Arc. I lost interest after getting the harem feelings with the last episodes I’ve watched.

But anyway, it’s also probably good but to me nothing beats the first season. I’ll give it a try after some time, since I don’t really want to watch at the cinema for now.