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Monthly Archives: Jan 2016

Time to rock!

Sometimes you just really feel ‘like it’ so you want to make the best out of your day. For starters, guitar center phoenix is pretty good to have especially if you want to rock on to your favorite songs.

I mean, music is really lively it makes your day okay and awesome, is it not? So grabbing your guitar and rocking on is probably one of the best ways to spend it during your free time, best, if you are with your friends.

Another (Live Action)

So, a few days ago we decided to try to watch Another Live Action movie. I’ve seen the anime and I’m actually a big fan of it. I wanted to see for myself if the live action did justice for the anime and well, I guess now I know.

Another (Live Action)

Another (Live Action)

Warning: Spoiler Ahead for both anime and live action!

The story isn’t very much the same as usual with live action movies. But I’m mostly ticked off because I find the main roles not fit especially for Koichi. I feel, there should have been a better option.

The doll which was also vital to the story (the doll that supposedly looks like Mei) was not alike to Mei. Also, Mei’s sister’s story seemed to be put out of the story when it should have been part of it.

Although I got to say its ending is interesting, making another character (who was not supposed to be killed anyway) an “Another”

Overall, it’s okay and on par with Shingeki no Kyojin live action at least.