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Monthly Archives: Sep 2015

New Headphones please

I can finally play music all day long if I want to! With the music I really want. But the problem however is I still have no decent headphones. Isn’t that sad? ๐Ÿ™

Well I got a new last few months ago courtesy of my dad but it broke. Ugh. I really hated it because it didn’t last a week. Maybe I have bad luck with head phones? I hope not!

I have a feeling that this se535ย can become my best buddy next though and I have faith he has better quality than my old headphones!


Been having Psych marathon for about 2 weeks now! It’s a pretty old series but it’s always fun to watch. Psych shows you that detective skills and humour can be both found in a person, in this case, a person called “Shaun Spencer”.



Funny guy Shaun also has a best friend, named Guster. Together they solve crimes with a different twist. Shaun claims to be a “psychic” yet actually he just has skills that was honed ever since he was a child because his father was also a cop and a detective. He actually trained him in believing he’d follow his steps.

While Shaun ended up as a con-artist sort of, but well at least he solves crimes right?