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Monthly Archives: Jul 2015

Shopping for music

I feel really bad because I have totally stepped away from the music love that I used to have. Thus, I’m no longer as familiar with playing the guitar as I was, nor my skills are as good as it was.

This is why, I’m thinking reed instruments will help me bring back that good feeling about music.

It’s about time I shop for music stuff here at home or at least get my old music instruments repaired 🙂

Hello for another year :)

Just renewed this domain a few days ago!

So, say hooray for another year 🙂

I thought I won’t be able to again, as always. But like they say, “find ways”. And I might blog more now, somehow. Speaking of blogging, I really want to be able to watch Minions, Pixel and Attack on Titan. I just hope I get to.