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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Important in learning to play the guitar

Playing the guitar, I have learned that you must have a very good patience. Ever since playing the guitar it thought me how to concentrate and really do my best.

One instance was when I had to learn changing acoustic guitar strings. I was so upset I couldn’t put the last and thin string properly that I had to break two of my strings before I was able to perfectly make it work.

At the end though, everything was okay since I was finally able to make it!

Attack on Titan Movie

Attan on Titan Movie

Attack on Titan Movie

A few months back, the Attack on Titan Movie posters were being noticed in Philippine malls. Well, I guess it is true after all!

What can you say about this movie? I don’t set my expectations high because nothing beats reading the manga, but then again, it wouldn’t so bad to give a try.