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Music Hunting!

Since it’s 2015, there’s probably going to be lots of new songs that’ll come. That said, I’ll be preparing my mp3 now. I badly need descent songs whenever at the gym.

Some songs with shure se535 used are really nice for one.

So the music hunting begins! Shall I go for fast or slow? Something must be made and a choice must show! Ah, sorry for the nonsense. Just excited and hype 😀

Last watched movies in 2014

Hi there! Been awhile ~yet again~

Anyway I’d like to drop by to share some of the movies I really liked before 2014 ended – that I watched around November to December 31st, 2014 given that we didn’t have work on some days during that time. Well, here they are:

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

We watched it during my boyfie’s birthday, I treat him as a gift. I was really touched of this movie that I cried at the end part! Really. And you got to admit, it has a great wave/effect on watchers that up to now you can still see Baymax at SM Megamall Toy Kingdom even if it’s way past its showing dates!



This movie isn’t really hard to crack but fun to think how this story was made in a day (the short novel it was based on). The moment it started, I actually already knew who’s who because my boyfie had told about it to me. He hated me for doing so! Haha nevertheless it was worth the watch, and because, I really love time travel themed movies!

X-Men Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past

Confusing title but awesome movie, it’s not often you see Magneto and Professor X unite to defeat an enemy, well, either way, they’ll end up becoming enemies again. I raise my hand for Kitty’s amazing powers! I still feel bad for Rogue losing Iceman though as she was one of my favorites. Nuff said! I was even more happy because I got to watch this for free! With a +1! Thanks to our company 😀


Well, I know, my movie list is so yesterday! Hehe. I haven’t been really into movies lately as I’d rather watch anime. But this year, maybe that’ll change? I’m pretty sure though that I’m looking forward Spongebob’s new movie with the gang this February.

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