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Monthly Archives: Oct 2014

Youtube Money for Artists

Youtube has really become famous, looking back it was just a typical video streaming website – but today, it’s so much more.

Speaking of Youtube, it wouldn’t be that awesome if it weren’t for our Youtube uploaders. The problem however is that some forget about royalties of the song artists/music artists…and that’s bad news!

These “royalties” have actually been a long time issue, even without Youtube. Fortunately, TuneCore is here to the rescue!

Because TuneCore loves to find ways to help out independent artists, they’ve come up with Youtube Money.

This service helps artists have a hassle free life when it comes to their royalties. It’s currently available for a very affordable one-time fee of $25!


Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with TuneCore. All opinions are my own.

Singing the blues…

Currently listening to some good music! I find it really relaxing to do while writing on my blogs.

But anyways, speaking of music, didn’t you ever want Hand Drums? Because I did!

I wish I could go get some! But maybe I can go for it this Christmas. What are your thoughts on this? As a music lover, I really like listening to a good beat.