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Monthly Archives: Sep 2014

Parties ASAP!

I’m no party person but I’m pretty sure sometimes, ASAP Parties happen. Well, these are the type of parties that happen “abruptly” and without plans. How do people pull them off with success? One factor is having services such as table covers – 48 hour rush.

Then party planners are always ready on the go, which is a good thing. The only problem will be if you’re not prepared financially so you better prepare!

TuneCore: Facebook Audio Recognition

So, how’s your weekend?

Mine is good so far but it became even better after find out about TuneCore’s Facebook Audio Recognition service for Facebook users!

It benefits both artist and fans, quite a lot! Some reasons why are:

  • Share which song they are listening to with their friends easily
  • Adding music to your Facebook has never been easier, Facebook will recognise the song automatically!
  • Promote your latest music in Facebook, along with its details (for music artists)

All for a one time fee you can get TuneCore’s newest Facebook audio recognition feature. More about this is available here in this article 🙂



Disclaimer: This post is created in partnership with TuneCore.