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Music shopping

My cousin called up to inform me they might be coming home this summer. While it wasn’t much for me I told him that he might want to check affordable korg r3 from guitar center. It’d be nice to have because all of our cousins are hoping to get one (especially the young lads)

I do hope they get home, so it will be an exciting summer!

300: Rise of Empire

Last Saturday (my birthday, yay!) because we didn’t get the chance to ice skate which was our main plan for the day – we bought SM ePLus cards and watched 300: Rise of Empire instead.

I wasn’t a fan of the first movie, yet I thought of giving it a try for a new breathe of air and because it also seemed to be the only good movie I can think of at the moment.

300: Rise of Empire

300: Rise of Empire

The movie isn’t really much but it was okay. Most of all, it was bloody. I was told by my best friend’s boyfriend that the earlier one was even more bloody then was told by my boyfriend, that the effects on this latest one was actually better.

The story is surprisingly full of life lessons, it’s not about war, but it’s about how you stand as one and being strong. Overall though, I can give it a 7/10.