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In love with music

It’s Valentine’s season! It’s that time of the year to give more love than usual – but not too much, okay?

For some they are in love with their profession though, such as musicians who are in love with their hobby and their classic king trombones at guitar center.

Others are in love with the things they do, but of course there will be those who are in love with their significant others. Whatever you love, I wish you all well and that you’re doing great with your passion!

47 Ronin

Despite my second thoughts in watching this movie, we finally did! It was shown in cinemas last year. I was not really not into the idea of watching it because to me in seemed like a Rurounin Kenshin knock-off..but I guess I was wrong about that 🙂

47 Ronin

47 Ronin

47 Ronin is about a band of warriors/samurai who is known for their courage in avenging their master who was killed because of the evil deeds  done by a witch and a greedy man.

This movie stars Keanu Reeves who finally has re-appeared in the movie scene after a very long time. He becomes that skilled samurai who fights for his love and he helps his other samurai fellows who was outcasted by the enemy they’re faced with.

Overall, what I really like in this movie is their fighting scenes! They were indeed full of action but I was partly bored especially with the beginning. The story is also interesting and inspiring – although I kind of feel bad about the ending. I give it a 7/10 because I still love Kenshin. Hehehe.