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Monthly Archives: Dec 2013

Christmas gift for your special guy

Looking for a gift for your significant other takes a lot of time, effort and brain! In some instances though it could be easy. However, to make it extra special is the challenge.

If you’re a girl looking into buying something “special” for your man, fortunately, citizen watches are pretty popular with them. They’re a favorite among men.

What’s the recipe to make it extra special though? Well, that my friend, is felt by the heart and not physically. You can just add a little note saying that you want him to know he has your time whenever he wants it. Just like how you want it with yours.

Christmas and New Year

Wow, I totally never got to post about Thor. Or have I? Well, upon checking I’ve completely forgotten about it. Oh well, I shall let that pass. I’ve been watching movies from our local cable lately and haven’t been watching any in the cinemas. It’s a bit costly plus, you know, there’s internet…and..you know!

Life’s been pretty busy and if not, I would rather be lazy. I tend to go on a date with my boyfriend during free days and if not sleep all day. And just lately, my dad went home so it was a moment of bonding for our little family. Well, that gives a lot of explanation why I haven’t been blogging.

I do know at some point I’ve got to be serious again with all these stuffs. After all, I swear that I cannot leave blogging no matter what. Too many things are inside my head to be kept and writing them on a notebook is probably the last thing I would do since I discovered blogging.

So, for now, I leave you guys with a Happy new Year in advance and a Merry Christmas! There’s just too much that happened already but I’ll try to post again about the movies I’ve watched..sometime soon I hope!