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Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Our awesome company have given us free tickets to watch Man of Steel on its premier date in the Philippines, last Friday. Lucky! We were even provided free pop corn and drinks 🙂

Man of Steel

Man of Steel

If you’ve been a fan of Justice League and Smallville you’ve probably known Clark Kent‘s story and Superman (Kah Lil) and his adventure on Earth.

I haven’t been a fan of Justice League lately after The Avengers have fascinated me but I was originally their fan because I’ve watched the cartoon series.

Putting those aside, the movie is all about Superman of course, but this time, everything’s improved. In terms of graphics it’s way better and it’s good they finally released his movie.

The story, is your usual Superman story but some parts have been changed and Superman faces his Krypton folks after they plan to take over the world wishing for a new Krypton Planet. What happens then? Of course, Superman saves the world.

Overall, I give this movie a 7/10. I guess there’s just something lacking or I’m more of a Batman fan so I couldn’t give it my full 10 but definitely, Superman’s costume here is the best 😛

We all want to be unique :)

We all want to be unique – yet what we don’t know is that we already are. God made us in his own likeness but what we do not know is that we possess specialties we’d never known. We are all special in His eyes, why not feel the same. Special, in a way that we know we have something that others don’t and that we accept how others maybe unique in their own way as well.

A friend of mine just got his exceptional blue yeti at musicians friend and I commended how talented he is with guitars and that I hope he’ll become even better now that he’s with his unique guitar. Talents are amazing after all.

Just like that, you and me have the same ability to do something special – may it be playing the guitar, piano or simply being you 🙂