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Monthly Archives: Apr 2013

Cute Notes on my Homescreen!

Cute Notes!

Cute Notes!

Yesterday before taking a nap (that ended up as sleep) I tried to look for a note application with widget to be used. Of course, I always look for cute things! So I ended up with color | simple notes.

Cute Notes!

My notes!

I like the designs that it already has but I wish they could make a bigger widget than their biggest and also let you align your text to center, left or right. So far that was my problem. At the end of the day, I guess Evernotes is still my best friend though. But I think I’ll keep this application as well because it suits my homescreen design.

Rewarding yourself

It’s not so bad rewarding your self from time to time because it’s just a way for relieving yourself from stress- so don’t fret and feel happy with your own very way.

Just like how soccers want QuickTrophy.com for soccer trophies and just like how you aim for success you will also reap rewards. Don’t give up and you’ll get there and always try your best.