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Monthly Archives: Oct 2012

Halloween :)

Happy Halloween! Today, in different countries everyone are going out in different costumes. I’m not included though but it sounds found, it’s like a worldwide cosplay!

Others also participate by decorating their houses with pumpkins (used as lanterns) and other scary stuffs. Others simply stay at home and watch tons of scary movies.

Kids go on trick-or-treating, some just exchange ghost stories. It’s been awhile since I actually experienced those (and for the trick-or-treating part, I’ve never done it at all!)In every corner of the world, they celebrate this day in different ways.

How do you spend yours this year?

credits: mercergov.org


I love Manga!

Instead of improving my fashion skills (which is, never going to improve I think) I’m rather busy with reading manga lately. Since I don’t really have my “tools” either to do layouts and stuff (but I think I’ll try today).

I usually read at Kissmanga. Originally, I read manga over my iPod but recently my interest in it has grown due to influence of a co-worker beside me who usually spends his free time reading manga online.

I recently donated to their website as well, not really much but just my small thank you since I’ve read about 4-6 manga with their website already 🙂