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Perks of a Wallflower

Last June, I finally decided to read this book so called Perks of a Wallflower as I was really getting curious. It’s been since last year that I’ve been reading about it.

It was an okay book that I can somehow relate to 13 Reasons Why although that movies about suicide (but then again, suicide is part of the story Perks of a Wallflower)

And after watching Hotel Transylvania I remembered it was showing! I can’t believe it slipped off my mind. I’m not crossing my fingers on watching it though, or so, maybe if I get to make Christian want to.

Perks of a Wallflower Movie

Perks of a Wallflower Movie

What makes Perks of a Wallflower movie more grand is that famous Hermoine Granger actress Emma Watson plays as one of the main characters – Sam. And really it has a story worth knowing, I just hope it’s as good as the book 🙂

credits: http://teaser-trailer.com

Hotel Transylvania

I first heard about the Hotel Transylvania from my best friend and we planned to watch it this 29th (its showing here in Philippines). However, we weren’t able to contact each other so I decided to watch anyway with the boyfriend.

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

I also saw a display of this at SM Megamall Cinema which I took photo of Christian at as well. At first, I thought it wasn’t really interesting. But I got more interested after finding out that Adam Sandler is the voice actor of Dracula. Selena Gomez on the other hand is the voice actress of her daughter and there are many other characters.

The story is about love, growing up and learning to accept changes in life. Adam Sandler’s character, Dracula, was scared of letting his daughter go into the human world because of the tragedy they went through when she was a child, in which they also lost his wife.

On her 118th birthday though, despite Dracula’s “act” something comes up that a young man enters their “peaceful” monster hotel which is supposedly to be protected by humans and that’s when the story becomes chaos!

Overall, this is a must for families – especially for the girls who are in their pre-teens. It’s a good bonding movie for dads and their children 🙂