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Monthly Archives: Jul 2012


When I was kid, rather than watching teledramas in our local channel – I get to watch shows like Charmed and X-Files. You ask why? Simply because it’s what my parents watch.




Charmed is about three girls with magic (because they’re witches) who are to face many trials and monsters ahead. The story is really long as well. As it matured, I grew up too. Many characters have changed from time to time. It also has many interesting episodes which are filled with exciting fighting scenes!

I see Charmed as the adults’ Harry Potter as it’s about witches, demons and whatnot. It’s something worth watching.

August soon.

Wow. I haven’t updated over a month (almost). Now I need to do more back posting because of my laziness. I really dislike my theme actually  D: D: D: Even if I did it. Meh.

Anyway we’ll be off to beautiful Thailand, the land of smiles for 3 days so hopefully I’ll find something worth blogging there and I also want another theme. I already coded and designed one but for some reason I still want “another look”.

So, ta-ta for now!