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13 Reasons Why

After waiting for so long, I finally finished watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Ahhhh, so much feels!

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why Netflix series is based on its book version, by Jay Asher. I can’t exactly recall the time I read it but I’m guessing it was also around the time I was a young adult that was, confused and lost as everyone tends to be in that stage.

It is a book not to be frowned upon I tell you, because it tackles serious topics that are somehow taboo to most and especially elders. To be more precise, it tackles about teenage angst and what usually follows – suicide, sexual concerns and the likes. I must warn as well, the series is very graphic at the suicide part so it’s best watched with guardians – for both sides to understand each other and what needs to be addressed in case (but let’s not hope so) it happens to them.

Being a confused young adult is not really new, in fact very common especially if you live in a family with more struggles than usual. The book only does not show the side of the victim though because it also shows what can happen to those who are left behind, it’s not really as we usually imagine because like us, they get lost as well.

Overall, I was moved again by the story. There were some things that weren’t originally in the book but they added sparks and more emotions to the story. The story hit home as I looked back and it made me think about how things came to be because I had someone, but not everyone are lucky to have people by their side to understand – so while you can, give the best smile even to that quiet classmate of yours you never really interacted with, you’ll never know how, but a simple smile can do so much, as it can give hope and give someone to hold on to.

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