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Last watched movies in 2014 / January 20th, 2015 / Quick Notes

By Camille

Hi there! Been awhile ~yet again~ Anyway I’d like to drop by to share some of the movies I really liked before 2014 ended – that I watched around November to December 31st, 2014 given that we didn’t have work on some days during that time. Well, here they are: We watched it during my […] (read more)


New hobby for Christmas season!, Events Music Seasons

Hohoho! It’s finally Christmas – and that means a lot because: Christmas is full of events Christmas is full of(read more)

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For Christmas, Events

Christmas is coming quick, it’s the perfect time to make our kitchens looking even better! Good thing has what(read more)

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Because Memories Matter: Southtree, Gifts

They say looking back in the past is for the bitter, but, I don’t agree with that. Not everything in(read more)

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300: Rise of Empire, War

Last Saturday (my birthday, yay!) because we didn’t get the chance to ice skate which was our main plan for(read more)

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How to Train A Dragon 2, Animation Trailer

Of all movies that will be coming this year, one that I’m really excited with is How to Train A Dragon(read more)

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Something I’d like to do over weekends.., Personal

Don’t you ever feel that 1 day isn’t enough? Me, I always do – especially on weekends. Since I’m in(read more)

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The Delivery Man, Comedy Family

Ugh. Sorry for not updating >.< I’ve been working seriously lately. Hehehe. But I do still watch movies, but, after watching(read more)

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In love with music, Life

It’s Valentine’s season! It’s that time of the year to give more love than usual – but not too much, okay? For(read more)

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47 Ronin, Action

Despite my second thoughts in watching this movie, we finally did! It was shown in cinemas last year. I was(read more)

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47 Ronin

Next on my list, Personal

My wish list is full of nendoroids and Kitkats. I haven’t had any that’s related in going out on a park or(read more)

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The Mentalist, Shows

I’ve been too engrossed with anime lately that I have neglected watching series like C.S.I. and Criminal Minds. Yup, these kind of shows(read more)

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The Mentalist

Kick Ass 2, Action Sequels

First, sorry for my late post! Haha as usual. Truth be told, I still have been watching movies and even(read more)

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Kick Ass 2

Late Christmas Gifts, Gifts

For me, Christmas is never over and in fact – it happens everyday. The simplest thing such as being able to(read more)

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Frozen, Animation Comedy Family

Despite the fact that Frozen made its way last year December – it’s still making noise as many are indeed glued(read more)

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Christmas gift for your special guy, Gifts

Looking for a gift for your significant other takes a lot of time, effort and brain! In some instances though(read more)

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Christmas and New Year, Personal

Wow, I totally never got to post about Thor. Or have I? Well, upon checking I’ve completely forgotten about it. Oh(read more)

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